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Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders – the best squirrel proof bird feeders of 2020. Top feeder reviews, brands, selection tips, and more. Best for attracting birds while keeping squirrels away.

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Watching wildlife in your backyard is a fun and relaxing pastime that is enjoyed by many people. But sometimes, you’ll come across a conflict that will disrupt your atmosphere, and you’ll need to come up with a solution, and squirrel proof bird feeders solve one of those problems. A squirrel eating out of a bird feeder is not uncommon, but it can feel a little hopeless to resolve. However, we’ve got some helpful tips on how to keep the birds happy and the squirrels away from their food. Here to help get you started are our picks for top squirrel proof feeders.

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Top Squirrel Proof Feeders Reviews 2020

1) Brome Squirrel Buster Standard Wild Bird Feeder

Brome Squirrel Buster Standard Wild Bird Feeder

If you’re ready to give your birds the space they need to eat, this squirrel proof bird feeder will get the job done. You can adjust the weight as needed, and you’ll save seed with the innovative ventilation system that keeps them fresh for birds to enjoy. Plus, the bird feeder is attractive to look at in your yard, especially without squirrels stealing the food out of them!

Check it out: https://squirrelproofbirdfeeders.birdsofna.org/BromeSquirrelBusterStandardWildBirdFeeder

2) Homestead Super Stop-A-Squirrel Bird Feeder

Homestead Super Stop-A-Squirrel Bird Feeder

You can place this squirrel proof bird feeder on a tree or buy a separate pole to incorporate it in your landscape wherever your heart desires. The birds will like that they can focus on the on food instead of what’s around them, and squirrels won’t be able to get to the seed.

3) Woodlink Absolute Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

Woodlink Absolute Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

If you have a lot of birds to feed, then this squirrel resistant bird feeder will be the perfect element to incorporate into your landscape. The baffle saves you on seed, and the weight of the squirrel will deny access to the food.

Check it out: https://squirrelproofbirdfeeders.birdsofna.org/WoodlinkAbsoluteSquirrelResistantBirdFeeder

4) Brome Squirrel Buster Plus Wild Bird Feeder with Cardinal Perch Ring

Brome Squirrel Buster Plus Wild Bird Feeder with Cardinal Perch Ring

You’ll love watching the range of birds that come to visit this feeder. It’s safe to put in the dishwasher, so you’ll save time. And you’ll save money on seed because squirrels won’t be able to rob any from your bird feeder due to the weight settings that can be adjusted. As soon as that heavy squirrel tries to get to the seeds, the access to the food ports will close, and the critters are deterred from the snack.

5) Myard ROCKET Double Sided Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

Myard ROCKET Double Sided Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

This squirrel proof bird feeder is designed to feed the weight of the birds that you want to watch, and not the squirrels that you don’t. Even if you enjoy watching squirrels in your backyard, you may not want them to do damage to your feeders and scare the birds off. Because the feeder holds so much, you won’t have to fill it as often (although it is very easy to fill and clean).

Check it out: https://squirrelproofbirdfeeders.birdsofna.org/MyardROCKETDoubleSidedSquirrelResistantBirdFeeder

6) Squirrel Solutions Seed Saver Wild Bird Feeder

Squirrel Solutions Seed Saver Wild Bird Feeder

You won’t have to worry about a squirrel breaking into this bird feeder because the seed locking mechanism will keep them out. The bird feeder is durable and will look attractive displayed in any lawn. Plus, birds love spending time around the feeder when the squirrels are deterred from it, so you’ll enhance your bird watching skills.

Check it out: https://squirrelproofbirdfeeders.birdsofna.org/SquirrelSolutionsSeedSaverWildBirdFeeder

7) Wild Bill’s 8 Station Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Wild Bill’s 8 Station Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

If you’ve tried all of the squirrel proof bird feeders, but still have no luck keeping them out of the bird’s food, then you may want to test this product out. The squirrels will get a small shock when they try to steal the birdseed. The shock won’t hurt them, but it will deter them from attempting to raid the food, and they’ll simply throw in the towel and find another food source.

Check it out: https://squirrelproofbirdfeeders.birdsofna.org/WildBills8StationSquirrelProofBirdFeeder

8) Squirrel Buster Peanut Plus Wild Bird Feeder

Squirrel Buster Peanut Plus Wild Bird Feeder

If you want to attract larger birds by giving them peanuts or bird food nuggets, then you’ll need a feeder that can keep the squirrels away. Squirrels are attracted to the larger food sources that fill their bellies a little more than traditional seeds. This one does the job beautifully, and you’ll love that you can watch the variety of birds that come for the bigger sized treats.

Check it out: https://squirrelproofbirdfeeders.birdsofna.org/SquirrelBusterPeanutPlusWildBirdFeeder

9) Squirrel Stopper Pole and Baffle Set

Squirrel Stopper Pole and Baffle Set

If you’re ready to stop those squirrels from getting to your bird feeder, you can do this with a squirrel stopper pole and baffle set. This one can hold up to four different bird feeders and will look beautiful in any lawn. You’ll bring life to your landscape, as well as keep squirrels away from the bird’s food source when you invest in this attractive squirrel stopper pole and baffle set.
Check it out: https://squirrelproofbirdfeeders.birdsofna.org/SquirrelStopperPoleandBaffleSet

10) Woodlink Audubon Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle

Woodlink Audubon Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle

If you have a bird feeder that you love, but don’t like that squirrels keep stealing seed from it and beating it up by knocking it to the ground, then this baffle will work wonders. You can leave your bird feeder exactly where it is to mount this squirrel proofing mechanism.

Check it out: https://squirrelproofbirdfeeders.birdsofna.org/WoodlinkAudubonWrapAroundSquirrelBaffle

Squirrel Proof Feeder Selection Tips

When selecting a squirrel proof feeder for your birds, you’ll want to consider the types of birds that you want to attract in your yard. Different styles of feeders will attract and accommodate birds of various sizes and breeds, and you want to be sure that you keep the birds around that you love to watch feed, as well as deter the squirrels. If you want to make both of them happy, then consider getting a separate squirrel feeder that is designed just for them.

Types of Feeders

When it comes to squirrel proof bird feeders, you’ll want to find a style that compliments the kinds of birds you want to watch, as well as looks attractive in your landscape. There are three primary types of feeders, and the first is one designed to close the access to food when the weight of the squirrel triggers that mechanism in the feeder. The second will have a wire around it that the squirrel won’t be able to get through, and the third will be a traditional bird feeder with squirrel proofing accessories like baffles added to them to keep the invaders out. You can make the decision which type of feeder is right for you and your surroundings. And you may find that some feeders work better in certain landscapes than others, so be sure you test a few styles out if you haven’t found one that works just right for you yet.

Feeder Sizes

Feeder sizes will vary in some cases because the different seeds and nuts will attract different sized birds. So if you want to fill your feeder with peanuts or food nuggets, you’ll need a feeder that is equipped to handle these larger sizes. If you want to attract smaller birds, you can find feeders that hold the seed sizes and types the prefer. However, just because a feeder is small doesn’t mean it holds a tiny amount of food and vice versa. Many people want to entice multiple birds to come into the yard, and the more seed your feeder holds, the more birds will be there to dine.

Feeder Prices

You’ll find that the best squirrel proof bird feeders will range in prices anywhere from twenty to a hundred dollars. However, they’re durable and save you money on seed in the long run. And if you want to preserve your current bird feeder, then you can get accessories such as a baffle for a little less. When squirrels knock down your feeders and rough them up, it can be expensive to replace them continually, so paying a bit more on the front end will save you in the long run.

Feeder Brands

Brome, Woodlink, and Homestead are all brands that you’ll find value in when it comes to squirrel proof bird feeders, but there are more quality manufacturers out there you can count on. Each person will have their own personal preferences and appreciate the unique qualities that the brands provide customers, and it won’t take long for you to have a personal favorite.

DIY Feeder

Making your squirrel proof bird feeders is a fun and productive way to spend an afternoon, and it’s pretty easy when you have some simple materials and little knowledge about how to use a drill. You can make the entire bird feeder from scratch, or you can add a few additions to your current feeder to keep squirrels from getting to them.

How to Build your Own Feeder

Step #1: Gather your supplies such as a drill, epoxy, and an old wine bottle with the cork, wire to hang the feeder with, and a small plate.

Step #2: Make sure the wine bottle is clean, and carefully drill a few holes spaced out evenly (two to three will be perfect). Use a diamond drill bit near the base of the bottle to drill the holes for the bird seed to come out of. You’ll need to keep the drill lubricated with water during the process and always wear the proper protective gear. Make sure you drill at the best angles that will allow the seed to come out easily.

Step #3: Use the epoxy to attach the small plate to the bottom of the bottle to catch free seeds and give the birds a place to perch. And then connect the wire to the top so that you can securely and easily hang it.

Step #4: To keep squirrels away, you can hang the bird feeder on a string between two tree branches and block it with baffles by punching a hole at the base of the two litter bottles and sliding them on both sides of the string.

Tips for Keeping Squirrels away from your Feeder

  • #1: Add protection to your current bird feeder such placing a wire cage around it, adding plastic or metal baffles, or incorporate spinners to prevent squirrels from bothering the bird food.
  • #2: The location of your feeder may also play a part in how accessible the seed is for squirrels. Remember that squirrels are acrobatic and very determined so don’t make the location of the feeder quick for them to reach.
  • #3: How clean you keep the area that the bird feeder is located can deter or entice the squirrels to invade. If you have a lot of free seed on the ground, then you’ll attract squirrels to that spot every time. Keep the area around the bird feeder clean and you’ll not only keep squirrels away, but you’ll keep your birds healthy because they won’t be eating old, rotting seeds.
  • #4: Many animals detest spicy seeds, but birds don’t mind the peppery flavors. Spicy seeds will not be a welcomed surprise for squirrels and trust that they won’t want to come back for a second helping.
  • #5: When you have a squirrel problem invading your bird feeders over and over, it might be time to chuck the old ones that have been destroyed and invest in better feeders.

Feeder Parts / Accessories

We’ve already shown you a few accessories you can have for squirrel-proofing your bird feeder, but here are a few more quality products that you can choose from.

1) Stokes Select 15-Ince Wrap Around Steel Squirrel Baffle

Stokes Select 15-Ince Wrap Around Steel Squirrel Baffle

You’ll love this convenient baffle that doesn’t require you to move the pole or feeder, and it’s weather resistant so that you won’t worry about it when the rain comes. Your birds will appreciate that the squirrels aren’t eating their seed, and you’ll like that it’s within your budget.

Check it out: https://squirrelproofbirdfeeders.birdsofna.org/StokesSelect15InceWrapAroundSteelSquirrelBaffle

2) Audubon Torpedo Steel Squirrel Baffle

Audubon Torpedo Steel Squirrel Baffle

This baffle is a unique design and will add a little touch of elegance to your bird feeders. It’s easy to assemble and does the job perfectly.

Check it out: https://squirrelproofbirdfeeders.birdsofna.org/AudubonTorpedoSteelSquirrelBaffle

3) Super Tall Decorative Trio Hanger

Super Tall Decorative Trio Hanger

One great way to deter squirrels is to put the bird feeder in an open place that they can’t jump on as they can near trees. This is a lovely and tall hanger for bird feeders, and baffles will fit on snuggly to keep the critters away.

Whether you build your own, or you decide to buy a squirrel proof bird feeder, if you want to enhance bird watching, then it’s important that you protect the food. You can always provide squirrels with their own food sources if you want to watch both sets of wildlife in your landscape.

Check it out: https://squirrelproofbirdfeeders.birdsofna.org/SuperTallDecorativeTrioHanger